TT 4 early-life socio-ecological responsibility

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The state of Uttarakhand is situated in the northwest of India, crossed by the Himalayas, making the highlands of Uttarakhand covered by snow. The climate is temperate, characterised by seasonal changes, and influenced by tropical monsoons. Floods and landslides are inevitable during the rainy seasons, and forest fires intensify in summer.

Climate change and global warming deteriorate these conditions rapidly, causing life in Uttarakhand, where the predominant livelihoods depend on agriculture become more vulnerable.

Project support start: 01-06-2022
Project location: Uttarakhand, India

The two-year project aims to use table tennis as a vehicle to raise awareness about the environment and act against deforestation in the region. The project enables the Tanjun Association to introduce table tennis in the Sport Exemplar Centre, an area comprising mostly of marginal farmers who depend on agriculture as the single source of income.

The project works with children from the Paradise Academy and surrounding schools to promote table tennis as the centre sport for climate activities within the region, focuses on early age education on the prevention of deforestation, plantation activities, and efficient waste management solutions.

Contribution to the Global Goals

Target 13.3: Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction.

→ Additional contribution to SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities, Target 11.3

Individual Change: Increased awareness and knowledge on climate activities with a focus on the prevention of deforestation, plantation activities, and efficient waste management solutions, along with improved table tennis skills leading to better health & better academic absorption.

Community Change:

  • Raise awareness about the environment and act against deforestation in the region through table tennis by working closely with schools, teachers, coaches, farmers and community children.
  • Raise awareness on bamboo-based agroforestry systems as climate-smart agriculture for farmers to create additional sources of income, reclaim degraded land and fight the climate crisis.

Behaviour or attitude

  • Participants are sensitised in early-life about the urgency to conserve our environment.
  • Students have raised awareness of green careers, thereby contributing to collective climate action.

Knowledge and skills

  • Students are involved in activities to support carbon sequestration.
  • Local community in and around the schools are aware about bamboo and its potential to be an additional source of income.
  • Positive impact on concentration and other life skills through effective table tennis skills training.

Circumstance, quality of life or well-being

  • Teachers and students have access to better data and knowledge on mitigating global future shortage, including through the creation of rooftop farms.
  • Master coach and volunteers have improved understanding in the use of TT4D.
  • Volunteers identified to become community coaches supporting both table tennis coaching and eco-related activities.
  • Teachers and staff have a better understanding of child protection and safeguarding including POCSO Act of India.
  • Students are aware of the changing workforce requirements in India and understand existing and future scope of green careers.
  • Install innovative table tennis equipment with bamboo frame followed by regular table tennis sessions in schools.
  • Training and development of table tennis community coaches who also double as environmental motivators.
  • Workshop with students on existing and emerging green careers in India.
  • Plantation activities involving teachers and students, stressing upon the need to create micro-climates that provide clean air.
  • Creating rooftop farms, introducing the concept to the community, and promoting replication.
  • Introducing bamboo for its use in agroforestry systems by farmers/community as an additional source of income and localised carbon sequestration.
  • Using table tennis as a common platform to introduce and train students in making bamboo artefacts/basic outdoor fences, and furniture.

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