Project description

Daily Table Tennis activities for slum children not only a healthy leisure activity but also access to education and the potential to grow into employability as a coach or get a scholarship for school


To find a sustainable solution to integrate and develop opportunities for slum children through table tennis, coaching and school education


Target group
Slum children (under 16)
Foundation funding
18 500 €

Local schools, the Sport Academy Football, the Kenya Table Tennis Federation


Mathare in Kenya is the third biggest slum in Africa. There, there is a lack of basic infrastructure such as access to running water, electricity, public toilets, or health centres. Moreover, the access to quality and free education is limited for children in the slum. Some of them move to a secondary school when they are 15 but it causes the problem of the transportation due to the fact that the schools are far from the slum. The idea of the project is to break that poverty circle by using sport as a tool to reach this objective and offering to the kids better opportunities for the future

Project Content:

The project started as a volunteer project in 2016 by introducing table tennis to schools in the third largest slum in Africa, Mathare. Since then, the Spanish citizen project manager has decided to move there to develop and widen the project. The project generates change for slum children through Table Tennis by offering the youth an activity, access to education and potential to grow into employability as coach or get a scholarship into school. The project targets girls and persons with disabilities specifically and plans to raise funds locally through local social tournaments. Daily training activities focussed on developing physical and mental skills are offered, while existing partnerships are strengthened, and news ones planned. A mentoring programme, including values education, documentaries of role model athletes and other leader’s biographies and information about disabilities. Each year, an “end of the year” event is organised in order to include the whole community and celebrate the progress of the programme with kids, families, staff, school directors, visitors, etc.


• To provide scholarships for some of the kids involved in the programme facing special difficulties to continue their academic education.
• To create real job opportunities after finishing the academic system, mainly within education and sport industry.
• To train local coaches, preparing them to become leaders of other community’s or school’s programmes.
• To equip the existing community centre with the basic infrastructures to generate a healthy environment and sustainable in the long term.
• To develop a mentorship programme based on the United Nations core values, beyond table tennis trainings that empower youth and serve as a role model.

Expected outcomes:

• The standard of living, education and personal well-being among the children and staff of the project is raised
• Employment opportunities for those over 18 who want to start a professional career within the NGO, sports or education industry are created.
• Projects participants will have participated in official national competitions, which provide a great learning experience.

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