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Table Tennis Alzheimers
Start date
Project description

The club has for focus on "Ping4Health" within which the project proposal fits. In order to prove that Table Tennis is one of the most stimulating sports for the brain, that it can help to slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and reduce a relapse of cancer by 50% as describeed by researchers. The project wishes to push these studies forward by putting it in practice and would work with a physiotherapist and a psychologist. Specific sessions such as one on balance to fight against failing would be developed


To deepen the understanding and to promote the practice of table tennis for people with Alzheimer's and those in remission of Cancer

Target group
General public, Elderly (60+), Workers, Members of the Club
Foundation funding
32,000 €

Levallois Sporting Club Tennis de Table, France Alzheimer, The Rafael Institute


Scientific researches proved that table tennis has a positive impact on the brain by stimulating several areas in the same time when people practice. These benefits are mostly important for people suffering from brain diseases such as Alzheimer. In that case, table tennis is a way for them to stimulate their brains and reducing the effect of the disease in their daily life. By using these scientific articles, we can adapt table tennis courses in order to get the most benefits to the targeted public. Levallois Sporting Club TT is the biggest French Table Tennis club and it offers daily courses to a wide range of public. This club represents also represent a way to integrate patients to the club

Project Content:

The project organizes table tennis sessions with a test group and produces publications around this activity. In order to raise awareness for the positive outcomes of playing table tennis for people having Alzheimer, doctors, as well as local and regional authorities and table tennis federations are contacted about the results. The project will end with an educational tool designed, which will be shared for free with other clubs


• To increase the number of Alzheimer’s and Cancer patients within the club
• To identify the needs and develop specific methods or approaches for Alzheimer’s and Cancer patients

Expected outcomes:

•  An average of 50 people taken part on a weekly basis.
• A long lasting partnerships with France Alzheimer, Rafael Institute and a company is established and ensures that the project has the statistics, research and reach it requires to have a national impact.

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