SPAT in Ethiopia


SPAT (Sport and Physical Activity Trainers)
Start date
Project description

The SPAT project is a program started in Ethiopia by RESPO International which is a Dutch organisation working to give jobs and life opportunities to people with a disability. In this particular case, the SPAT project, has selected 20 young students with a disability from Ethiopia, to educate them in physical education, recreation and sports with the aim to allow them to become sport teachers and to work in schools. The SPAT project is a very inclusive program because it gives equal opportunities to both genders; in fact the students are 10 men and 10 women

  • To support the insertion of people with a disability into the society
  • To provide the necessary tools for them to get a professional job
  • To promote the table tennis and the integration
  • To provide equal opportunities to women
Target group
People with a disability and Women

RESPO International, DIRES House of the Sport


In the past few years, Ethiopia was impacted by civil wars and life conditions in the country were really tough. Moreover, the literacy rate is very low due to the fact that young people do not have access to education. This phenomenon impacts lots of girls in the country, and one of the reasons is because they get married early (one girl out of five got married before 15 years old – 2017). That situation causes an impact on the local economy due to the fact that the population is not qualified for some jobs and it is nowadays a huge social problem for Ethiopia. However, the government gave its agreement to set up sport equipments within schools in order to solve the problem

Project Content:

The funds raised were used for a comprehensive development program, which started with an Olympic Solidarity funded course. An ITTF expert was based in the Island for ten weeks and provided educational services and advice to the next generation of coaches in Haiti whilst coordinating the use of the donations


The dynamic and goals of the ITTF Development Programme fits perfectly to insert a coaching course for the SPAT students. It was a way to give them another tool for their future career

Impacts and results:

Young adults with a disability as well as young women trained to become professional table tennis coaches at schools through an agreement with the government

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