Share highlights of your World Table Tennis Day 2024 celebration and seize the chance to showcase your passion to the world!

Four days to go to World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) 2024! It's time to get ready for the global celebration of our beloved sport! While we eagerly anticipate the festivities on April 23rd, we are thrilled to announce some excitement. The ITTF Foundation invite every organiser who registers their WTTD events around the world to capture the memorable moments of their WTTD 2024 celebrations and share them with us. Why? Because the 10 best photos or videos will be selected and showcased in an article on the website of the ITTF Foundation, along with winning exciting table tennis prizes! Don't miss out on this opportunity and start to serve up some fun and excitement on World Table Tennis Day 2024!


How to participate and get the chance to win table tennis prizes:

1. Register Your Event: To get started, click here to register your event. This step is crucial for ensuring that your event is officially recognised as part of the World Table Tennis Day celebration.

2. Capture the Moment: During your WTTD celebration, be sure to take photos and videos of your event. Whether you are hosting a friendly tournament, a coaching clinic, a fun exhibition match, or any kind of creative activity, we want to see it all!

3. Share Your Content: Once your event is over, it's time to share your photos and videos with the world. Use the provided Dropbox link (click here) to upload your files. Remember to follow the naming convention outlined below to ensure that your content is properly identified:


4. Submission Deadline: All submissions must be uploaded by May 23, 2024.


Important reminders:

When uploading your photos and videos, please refrain from adding any graphics or background music. This will help maintain consistency and ensure that your content is suitable for future use.


The ITTF Foundation will carefully select the top 10 celebration photos and videos from the submissions to feature in an article on our website. Additionally, the winners will receive exclusive table tennis prizes. This is your chance to share your event with the world and inspire others to join in the fun of table tennis!


So what are you waiting for? Register your event today and show your celebratory energy for World Table Tennis Day to the world. Let's make this year's celebration the best one yet!


Click here to upload your WTTD 2024 celebration photos and videos

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