New Manual to Organise Sustainable Events on World Table Tennis Day

The ITTF Foundation announced the release of a new manual designed to help the table tennis community take steps towards sustainability when planning events for World Table Tennis Day 2023.

This year, World Table Tennis Day will unite the table tennis community in a commitment to and celebration of sustainability under the slogan “Think Sustainably, Act Now”. The manual is aimed at anyone who wishes to use table tennis to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues – from individual organisers, coaches, athletes, and project leaders across the globe to clubs, ITTF Member Associations and Continental Federations.  

“I’m satisfied seeing we now have a manual in place it’s a needed first step”, said ITTF President Petra Sörling. “Our Federation oversees a global sport, and we must put sustainability even higher on our agenda. World Table Tennis Day provides the ideal platform to raise awareness among all levels, from athletes to grassroots and worldwide. Everyone can play a part, contribute and make a difference.”

The manual aims to inspire and help develop ideas to make the best use of table tennis activities and programmes in the mission of a sustainable future.

Each United Nations Sustainable Development Goal that apply to using sport for a better tomorrow is highlighted so that organisers can find ways to incorporate working each goal into their events. Offering examples of how different groups worldwide have successfully integrated sustainability while working to address an SDG in an event, the manual presents case studies to help stakeholders learn from others while building their own event.


The three parts of the manual are as follows:

  • Part 1: Think Sustainably provides the necessary background to understand how table tennis can be used for sustainable development.


  • Part 2: Act Now section is split according to each of the 10 SDGs that have been prioritised for sport. The first page is made up of three sections and guides you to ‘Think Sustainably’ in practical terms. The second page helps you to ‘Act Now!’


  • Part 3: Next Steps provides an overview on reporting, that can help organisers tell their impact story and a sustainable event checklist to help make events the most sustainable possible.

Find more inspirations and more information on how to celebrate World Table Tennis Day 2023!

Download the “Think Sustainably – Act Now,” manual by clicking here

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