Launch of World Table Tennis Day 2024 Promoters Workshop!

Following the selection of 32 new Promoters representing 30 countries and territories for this year's World Table Tennis Day (WTTD), the ITTF Foundation is ready to offer support and guidance to refine and execute their local initiatives. These efforts are aimed at addressing various UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on Diversity and Inclusion, the central theme of WTTD 2024. Through their initiatives, these Promoters will not only promote positive social values via table tennis but also inspire joy and encourage participation in WTTD on April 23, 2024.

On February 23, the first WTTD 2024 Promoters Workshop, attended by 27 out of 32 WTTD Promoters, was held virtually by the ITTF Foundation staff. The workshop offered insightful information and fostered engaging discussions. Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other and have a comprehensive understanding of WTTD, the framework of WTTD 2024 initiatives, and global celebration plans. Notably, with Diversity and Inclusion as the focal point of WTTD 2024, the workshop served as a platform for dialogue on fostering diversity within table tennis communities and leveraging the sport for social inclusion. Additionally, a Q&A session was held to address any remaining queries from the Promoters.

As a solid supporter of the WTTD Promoters, the ITTF Foundation remains committed to guiding them through the upcoming workshops, providing a Diversity and Inclusion handbook, and integrating the Promoters into future initiatives related to WTTD 2024.

Stay updated on the Promoters' initiatives and our latest news on WTTD 2024. Join us in celebrating WTTD 2024 on April 23 by registering your event!


World Table Tennis Day is a yearly celebration of table tennis on the 23rd of April. It aims to share the joy of playing table tennis, bring people together and raise awareness on specific themes linked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The theme for 2024 is Diversity and Inclusion. We would like to promote our love for table tennis and share it with everyone.


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