For the first time, China launches 50+ events to celebrate World Table Tennis Day!

With 54 registered World Table Tennis Day celebration events this year, China displayed remarkable enthusiasm. It is one of the leaders in terms of the number of registered events, along with Congo Democratic, India, and Zambia. Responding actively to this year’s call for Diversity and Inclusion, the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) joined forces with other associations across China, spearheading the initiatives of 54 celebrations held in 40 cities across the country. These events not only highlighted the vibrancy for table tennis in China but also embodied the spirit of Diversity and Inclusion, bringing together people of diverse ages and from various regions, and making positive impacts across different aspects of society.

LIU Guoliang, WTT Board Chair, ITTF Deputy President, and CTTA President said, "World Table Tennis Day is a festival for our table tennis family and this year's theme is Diversity and Inclusion. CTTA is also promoting World Table Tennis Day this year, with a total of 54 celebrations in 40 cities across the country, and our aim is to get more people involved in the sport of table tennis, to share the joy and enjoy good health. Table tennis belongs to everyone, men and women, young and old, no matter where you come from, as long as everyone truly loves table tennis, they can participate and enjoy the health, positivity, unity, equality and self-confidence that table tennis brings, and fully experience the fun of table tennis."

Guiyang: CTTA Outdoor Table Tennis Series Activity

The National Launch Ceremony for the 2024 CTTA's First Table Tennis in the Park Outdoor Series, along with the Celebration of the 10th World Table Tennis Day was held at Qingyun City Fair in Guiyang City. Gao Yaxiang, CTTA vice president, Lu Yuansheng, former head coach of the Chinese women's team and world champion, and Li Xiaoxia, Olympic champion, were in attendance to interact with table tennis fans in Guizhou.


Shanghai: "World Table Tennis Day" Table Tennis and Public Welfare Forum

The "World Table Tennis Day" and Public Welfare Forum as well as the "Small Silver Ball, Big Environmental Protection" Public Welfare Project Launch Ceremony was held in Shanghai ITTF Museum and China Table Tennis Museum. This activity aims to explore how to deeply integrate the spirit of table tennis with public welfare through the platform of the sport, promote the popularization of environmental protection concepts, advocate a green lifestyle, and officially launch the "Small Silver Ball, Big Environmental Protection" Public Welfare Project. The forum brought together representatives from the domestic table tennis, public welfare and business communities, including Xu Yinsheng, ITTF honorary President, and Wang Liqin, CTTA Vice president and Olympic champion.


Chengdu: "World Table Tennis Day" Chenghua District Erxianqiao Street Games

The activity aimed to incorporate the concept of table tennis in the community and in the park into the daily lives of community residents. The activity attracted more than 150 table tennis enthusiasts from Erxianqiao Street, as well as many members of the public who came to watch and support the activity. Fun table tennis activities were also held to let more people experience the charm of the sport and increase their enthusiasm for table tennis.


Handan and Shijiazhuang: Table Tennis in School Activity

Handan and Shijiazhuang organised table tennis activities in schools, aiming to cultivate students' sports awareness and sports interests, promote students' sports skills and physical fitness to meet the standards, and further promote the overall development of the comprehensive quality of young people, as well as letting more young people enjoy the game of table tennis. It is worth mentioning that the Shijiazhuang Table Tennis in School Activity came to Heping West Road Primary School, the alma mater of World Champion Sun Yingsha.

In addition, many cities such as Beijing, Changsha, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Guangzhou and Urumqi also held various activities to celebrate World Table Tennis Day.

Witnessing the vigour in celebrating World Table Tennis Day in China, the ITTF Foundation director Leandro Olvech remarked, “China has the world's largest community of table tennis enthusiasts, and table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the country. Therefore, we are delighted to see so many cities and participants in China joining us to celebrate this occasion. It is significant to have a diverse range of groups and communities coming together to embrace the joy and power that table tennis brings, especially as we focus on Diversity and Inclusion this year.”

Continuing the momentum from World Table Tennis Day 2024, the ITTF Foundation eagerly anticipates embracing and engaging a broader spectrum of individuals worldwide in the sport of table tennis. Our aim is to nurture societal development, promote inclusivity, and foster a sense of belonging through the cherished sport we all love.

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