Dream Building Fund Helps Send Young Hadassah to Secondary School

With the support of Dream Building Fund, Talent4Development (T4D) offers weekly table tennis training sessions that help primary students establish daily routines to better channel their talent and open doors to future opportunities.



For many students in Kenya, going to secondary school is a privilege. Official data shows that about 32 percent of students who enrolled for school and expected to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education – after eight academic years – failed to sit the examination. The cost of education is too high for most families and many students are forced to drop out after primary school without scholarships or other financial support.

The ultimate goal is to break the chain of poverty. We believe through education and talent development, our programme participants will find their passion and motivation to be successful later in their lives. – Alvaro de Abreu Puig, President of Talent4Development


The story of Hadassah

Turning 14 and completing her primary education this year, Olive Hadassah was one of the first participants to starting the T4D programme in 2019. The young table tennis enthusiast has just received a scholarship that allows her to continue with secondary school in the Kenyan city of Kitale.

I have dreamt about getting the scholarship so many times and I am so happy I got it. My mother takes care of three children at home, so things have not been easy for us. I am excited to be able to continue my studies, and not having to pay the tuition fee is a great help for my family. – Olive Hadassah.

Hadassah’s family is also happy to see her striking a balance between education and sport.

She always lives up to her commitment and inspires other young girls to play table tennis. The environment we live in offers very few social activities and I am happy to see her playing table tennis after school thanks to the T4D programme. – Olive's mother.

In the next four years, Hadassah will be studying at St. Monica, a girls-only high school in Kitale.


The Beginning of Many More

My family could not have afforded to send me to secondary school if it were not for the scholarship. I would like to join the Kenya National Table Tennis Team in the future and maybe become a sports journalist. Now I know my dreams could probably come true one day. – Olive Hadassah.


As one of our very first programme participants, we are very proud of her, and we know she will carry our core values in whatever she does and anywhere she goes. Her success means a big step for T4D long-term goals and we will make sure this is just the beginning of many more. -  Alvaro de Abreu Puig.

Step by step, by helping more students to receive secondary education, a university degree is no longer out of reach. With proper education, T4D is looking to unlock more future opportunities for children in Kenya, and Hadassah marks only the beginning of the change.



Check out the story of Alvaro de Abreu Puig, the project leader of the T4D initiative.

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