Covid-19 Update #3: 80% of Dream Building Fund 2020 projects finally starting

In April 2020 we had to take the challenging decision with all the selected Dream Building Fund projects 2020, to postpone the project start indefinitely. At the same time on-going Dream Building projects selected in 2019 were facing major challenges to continue and their stakeholders struggling to attend to their basic needs.

We launched the Table Tennis United Donation Campaign in support of those most affected by the global pandemic with food, sanitary kits, information, lockdown active kits, educational radio shows, equipment etc.

Today, one year later, we are happy to announce that 4 from 5 projects are starting in April, with some adaptations to the project timeline, some online additions, and some uncertainties as to how long the local environment will allow the project to run. Nonetheless, project leaders have been working hard to getting the project on track and we are looking forward to seeing them thrive and adapt, amid these challenging times.

The 4 new projects to look out for in 2021:

Tonga Table Tennis Federation (Tongatapu, Tonga)

Smash Down Barriers is a three-year project which aims to improve the quality of life for persons with disability in remote villages on the main Island of Tongatapu.


Pro Sport Development International CIC (Bhubaneswar, India)

Community Table Tennis is a two-year project which aims to empower 250 boys and girls to become gender-sensitive, confront harmful gender-based stereotypes and impact gender-perceptions of peers, family members and schoolteachers.


Asoba & NK Foundations (Kweikuma and Ofankor Community, Ghana)

EduDrive Table Tennis is a three year project which aims to promote education and encourage school attendance among children who are at risk of dropping out in poor/slum communities, and to motivate those who have dropped out to re-enrol.


Asociación Mónica Liyau (Lima, Peru)

Impacting Lives is a three-year project which aims to transmit Olympic values such as friendship, excellence and respect with children and young people in national schools from the most vulnerable and impoverished areas of the country.

Unfortunately, not all the projects are able to start. The ITTF Foundation understands the disappointment of those involved in the project "Affective Leadership" by the Asociacion Colombiana De Mujer y Deporte but supports this tough decision they had to take due the current local health and safety regulations. This project will take place as soon as possible in Circasia, Colombia. A two-year project which aims to promote positive decision making, body care, reduce violence and increase self-esteem to 80 girls a year, including their families and local community, reaching in total 300 people.

It is with great pleasure that we support these wonderful projects on their journey to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will do our best to accompany the projects in these challenging times and face the current challenges as they come. It is a time of adaptation and learning for everyone, including the world of sport for development. It is our pleasure to grow the reach of table tennis for development projects around the world. Check back on our website for more information about these projects at the end of the month to discover their ambitious plans through their theory of change.

Interested in applying to the next Dream Building Fund opportunity? Simply follow us on social media and visit our website for updates. The next round of the call for projects is expected to be out in mid-2021!

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