Covid-19 Update #1: solutions from our partners in the field

Covid-19 is a massive threat in the Developing World, but our partners are rising to the challenge to help their communities to stay safe and to keep the spirits up.

Earlier in April, we, the ITTF Foundation, decided to reallocate funds towards solutions generated by the project leaders to alleviate the impacts of Covid-19 on their communities. As the effects of the pandemic drags on, ITTF Foundation dream building fund-partners* have shifted their activities dramatically to bring solutions to the immediate needs of their communities: food, hygiene kits, information, and education. Covid-19 has highlighted just how close millions upon millions of people are to being unable to feed themselves and their families.

Below, read how grantees in Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya, and Uganda have adapted and brought solutions to their communities in these challenging times. We continue to stand by all our grantees during this global crisis — and we will update you on their contribution here:


  • FUDELA will do their best to support up to 100 families from their programmes with a basic aid kit consisting of: food supplies, basic health and physical activities to do at home and washing liquid.


  • NK & ASOBA Foundation are providing basic food supplies, washing soap and locally produced masks for nearly 100 families in the Ofankor and another 100 in the Kweikuma communities they work with.


  • Pro Sport Development will provide hygiene kits to children from schools in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and improve sanitation systems in these schools. The hygiene kits include soap, face masks (locally made as far as possible), pamphlets official information on Covid-19 and fitness at home, and sanitary pads for the families with adolescent girls. They will also provide soap dispensers for two schools.


  • Slum Ping Pong is fighting hunger within their community and doing their best to feed 35 families from the programme for the duration of the lockdown. A family of 6 can survive on 2 € a day. With that they can buy 1 kg of Posho and almost 1 kg of beans and soap.
  • HONECRIC has partnered with Radio Hoima 88.6 FM to support learners to study from home through electronic methods. This broadcast will feature teachers and live class lessons in the afternoon from 2.00pm to 3.00pm for twenty weekdays (Monday to Friday) starting Wednesday 13th May and running until 9th June 2020.


  • Talent4Development will provide food supplies, soap, locally produced masks, some school books and a table tennis racquet and ball for the families of children participating in their programme from the slums.


*Find out more about the Dream Building Projects:

- Click HERE for 2019 Funds

- Click HERE for the 2020 Funds (start postponed until further notice)

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