Call for Applications: Table Tennis for Development Handbook

Deadline: 4 August 2022

The ITTF Foundation is seeking to commission the development of a handbook/toolkit for coaches and young people demonstrating exercises, sessions and case studies using table tennis for contextualised social development outcomes such as health, education, gender equality and life skills training. The handbook will also contain a specific module on Ping Pong Diplomacy.


About the ITTF Foundation

The ITTF Foundation is a global sport for development organisation using table tennis to empower communities to enhance health, inclusion, and socio-economic development of people around the world, in alignment with targeted UN Sustainable Development Goals and development priorities across our member associations. We do this through capacity building, projects at the grassroots, and forming strategic partnerships to increase the use of table tennis for social development outcomes.

Project overview

The ITTF Foundation supports and executes inclusive, sustainable projects using table tennis as a tool for development and peace through various initiatives at the grassroots level, aligned to specific UN SDGs linked to social development outcomes at the community level.

    • The ITTF Foundation currently supports a range of projects in multiple countries worldwide and is supported by a network of partners using table tennis to find solutions for problems within their local contexts.

    • The projects use table tennis through carefully designed sessions and exercises to maximise the non-sport benefits of table tennis, such as better health, enhanced access to education, and improved gender equality.

    • Partners also use table tennis for conflict resolution – in the spirit of Ping Pong Diplomacy.

    • The ITTF Foundation seeks the services of a consultant to collate the best exercises/sessions being used by practitioners working across these projects and to develop a handbook which can be used by young people and coaches wanting to use sport-based exercises to address similar problems within their communities.

    • The Handbook will be reviewed and validated by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Development Cooperation/GIZ on behalf of Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung/BMZ) as part of their ongoing collaboration with the ITTF Foundation to promote social inclusion, cohesion, gender equity, and other areas of development at the grassroots level aligned to the UN SDGs.

The ITTF Foundation will provide access to the project leaders and implementers already using table tennis as a tool for development and will actively assist the development of the handbook on an ongoing basis. The timeframe for the handbook is as follows:

Date Milestone
4 August 2022: Closing date for submission of proposals
8 August 2022: Awarding of contract
26 August 2022: Draft version of handbook delivered
5 September 2022: Final version of handbook delivered


Interested applicants are requested to apply by sending a proposal to Programmes Manager Saurabh Mishra at Each proposal must contain:

  1. Proposed methodology.

  2. Proposed structure for the handbook.

  3. Evidence of similar work undertaken previously.

  4. Financial quote.



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