Andalucia 2022 Receives Green Sport Flag Certification for Sustainability Programme

Photo: Joaquin Corrales Sanchez

High standards, it has been the phrase on the lips of everyone, players, coaches, officials or whoever at the Andalucia 2022 World Para Table Tennis Championships in Granada; the level of play, the venue and general overall presentation has opened eyes wide.

However, it is not just in those respects that excellence has been achieved; the local organising committee has excelled with respect to sustainability and has received the Green Sport Flag certification.

The Green Sport Flag is a project developed by the Association of Spanish Sport Federations to encourage national and local associations involved in organising sporting events to deliver sustainable events and protect the environment while promoting initiatives that raise public awareness.

The Andalucía 2022 World Para Championships has a solid sustainability strategy, which forms one of the main pillars of the tournament.

“We are recycling everything,” said Daniel Valero, the Tournament Director. In the venue, reinforced cardboard is the popular material; “the court surrounds are made from regenerated cardboard; it is the same for the banners in the VIP room as well as at the welcome desk, players’ lounge and umpires’ lounge. Also, the ink used throughout is organic.”

Moreover, the organisers created a single-use plastic-free environment; and each participant received a glass bottle to use at the water containers which are also made from cardboard.

“I would like to congratulate Andalucia 2022 World Para Table Tennis Championships for setting new standards in the field of sustainability,” said Petra Sörling. Sport in general, and table tennis in particular, has a duty to protect the environment and the resources it provides. This is no longer a choice but a must.”

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